Artyom Gadetsky

I am 2nd year Master student at joint program of CS HSE and Skoltech and Research Scientist at Bayesgroup, supervised by Dmitry Vetrov. Currently I'm working on probabilistic deep learning and causal inference. Also, I'm a teacher assistant at Continuous Optimization course at CS HSE and CMC MSU.

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I'm interested in deep learning, causal inference and probabilistic models with discrete variables.

Low-variance Black-box Gradient Estimates for the Plackett-Luce Distribution
Artyom Gadetsky*, Kirill Struminsky*, Christopher Robinson, Novi Quadrianto Dmitry Vetrov
oral on AAAI 2020
spotlight on BDL NeurIPS 2019 Workshop
arxiv / code
AAAI slides / BDL slides / poster /

Variance reduction techniques for stochastic optimization w.r.t. a distribution over permutations.

Conditional Generators of Words Definitions
Artyom Gadetsky, Ilya Yakubovskiy, Dmitry Vetrov
poster on ACL 2018
arxiv / code / bibtex / poster

The generative model for definitions of polysemous words given vector representation of the word and example of its use.

This guy makes a nice webpage.