Artyom Gadetsky

I am 1st year Fellowship PhD student at EPFL EDIC. Previously, I was a junior researcher at CS HSE and BayesGroup supervised by Dmitry Vetrov. My last research project was focused on stochastic optimization w.r.t. discrete distributions over structured objects such as graphs, permutations, etc. Generally speaking I am interested in different applications of probabilistic modelling to solve general machine learning problems as well as real-life problems.

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Leveraging Recursive Gumbel-Max Trick for Approximate Inference in Combinatorial Spaces
Kirill Struminsky*, Artyom Gadetsky*, Denis Rakitin*, Danil Karpushkin, Dmitry Vetrov
poster on NeurIPS 2021
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NeurIPS slides / poster

Tractable discrete distributions and stochastic optimization w.r.t. discrete distributions over structured objects (i.e. graphs, permutations, top-k).

Low-variance Black-box Gradient Estimates for the Plackett-Luce Distribution
Artyom Gadetsky*, Kirill Struminsky*, Christopher Robinson, Novi Quadrianto Dmitry Vetrov
oral on AAAI 2020
spotlight on BDL NeurIPS 2019 Workshop
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AAAI slides / BDL slides / poster

Variance reduction techniques for stochastic optimization w.r.t. a distribution over permutations.

Conditional Generators of Words Definitions
Artyom Gadetsky, Ilya Yakubovskiy, Dmitry Vetrov
poster on ACL 2018
arxiv / code / bibtex / poster

The generative model for definitions of polysemous words given vector representation of the word and example of its use.

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